Website Backup and Replication by FTP Mirroring is cloud file storage designed for website backup and replication. By mirroring folders over FTP its killer feature is to automatically keep in sync live and standby web servers with just a single file transfer, but there's a whole load more besides!

Dual Mirror Animation

Simply create folders in your account for each of your websites, and to each folder you can add up to 2 (S)FTP mirrors to which file operations are forwarded, either automatically or manually as required. You can access your account using any FTP client, SFTP client or the built-in File Manager.

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Single Mirror Operation

With single mirrors configured on automatic sync, acts as an inline backup between your current development environment and live web servers - so now you can work from multiple locations safe in the knowledge that you will always have a complete copy of your sites in 2 locations.

Single Mirror Animation

Dual Mirrors for Development and Redundancy

Dual-purpose your standby server as a development server configured on automatic sync. Once testing is complete manually sync changes to your live web server.

Dual Mirror with Manual Sync Animation

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