Cloud File Storage with Lifecycle Archiving for Backup is cloud file storage with automatic lifecycle archiving for website, database and other backup applications. Each night, all files created or modified in the previous 24 hours are duplicated and retained according to the grandfather-father-son strategy on a daily (son), weekly (father) and 4 weekly (grandfather) cycle. Grandfather revisions are kept indefinitely, or according to your account preferences.

Livecycle archiving is probably the easiest way to create a backup solution that protects you against the scenario of corrupt or invalid data overwriting a good backup without the complexity of having to perform integrity checking as part of the process, and whilst that is relatively easy to set-up on your own server, why not let handle that for you, and be your off-site "second storage" location at the same time?

Secure but simple REST API - uploading could not be any easier

Using the File Manager, create a new container for your project and then create an access key for that container (which can be IP address locked). Then simply HTTP PUT your files to our transit server using the access key as the destination folder, either from the command line or a shell script...

curl -T{access_key}/

...or using your favourite scripting language...

  $filename = "";
  $url = "{access_key}/".$filename;
  $fp = fopen($filename,"r");
  $ch = curl_init($url);

If you are not sure of the IP address to lock to, simply create an access key without IP address lock and perform a trial upload. The source IP address of the last upload is displayed alongside the access key in the access key list. Copy the IP address, revoke the access key and then create a new access key locked to the IP address learned from the trial upload.

Website and MySQL backup without compromising your FTP details

Most website backup services require you to entrust your FTP username and password to them in order to fetch your files. If you have shell access to your hosting account check out our example scripts for Website Backup and MySQL Backup.